Megan Seagren, Artist

Megan Seagren


As a child I looked at the world through squinted eyes, seeing magic in every shadow, behind every tree, under every rock. When confined to the car on a long trip, my mind created enchanted images from the fast-moving scenery. Although my imagination found an outlet in the visual arts, my family was musical, and this is where I received my training. Later in life as a single mother with a demanding career, all artistic endeavors were set aside until my kids grew up. Finally in 2007 I began taking classes in drawing and painting, and since that time creating art, and especially watercolor painting, has developed into a passion.

I love watercolor because of the way water and paint interact with the artist’s vision to create something unique. Like crystals forming snowflakes, water and paint never behave the same twice, thus a watercolor painting can never be replicated, no matter how skillful the artist. I particularly love luminous watercolors, when white paper gleams through translucent paint.

My artistic goal is to discover the essence of a subject by perceiving it rather than simply looking at it, and to capture its essence on the paper. This fully engages both my attention and imagination, excluding everything else from awareness. In the process I discover — and attempt to communicate — the singular beauty of a thing, including its inherent luminosity. In addition, some of the magical vision from my childhood becomes incorporated into my work, giving each painting a distinctive whimsical quality.

This year I joined the 49th Street Studio and created the studio blog. I also write Megan Seagren’s Journal, a blog about art, gardening, and wildlife. I also write a lot of stuff about technology that gets published on various web sites. When not painting or writing I enjoy singing with my husband, Bill, and visiting my outdoor pets: two crows, a yard squirrel, and a few dozen chickadees. Other interests include photography, cycling, hiking, and golf.

Megan Seagren painting at Hemple Creek

Megan Seagren painting at Hemple Creek

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